Frequently Asked Questions

It is common to have questions about the funeral process. This section answers some commonly asked questions to help make this process easier for you. If additional questions arise, please feel free to contact us directly at the funeral home.

About Autumn Funeral, Cremation & Burial

How is Autumn Funeral, Cremation & Burial different from traditional funeral homes that we've known in the past?
Autumn is a unique type of business that offers everything a traditional funeral home offers, with the exception of having a chapel for funerals or memorial services. Although traditional funeral homes can be beautiful facilities, we have found that many Northwest families simply don't need the funeral home building and many times they prefer a "less traditional" approach to planning their funeral needs. Because we operate in more conservative, yet professional offices, we can offer funeral planning, cremation and burial arrangements at considerably lower prices than a traditional funeral home.

How is Autumn Funeral, Cremation & Burial different from other low-cost cremation and burial providers?
We're a full service provider, not dependent on any other business for support or service. We pride ourselves in offering unique and personalized ideas and products to help you plan a fitting tribute for someone you love. Our phones are always answered by someone who can answer your questions. We're here to help!

Where does cremation take place?
At Autumn, we own and operate our own private cremation facility.  Families find comfort and peace of mind in knowing that our "state-of-the-art" cremation facility is privately owned and used exclusively by our company, while most providers pay a third party to provide cremation services. It's simple: because we are a totally self sufficient company, we involve fewer people and offer lower prices.  Our crematory facility, Cascade Cremation Center, is located at 8974 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Road in Tualatin, Oregon. 

What should I do when a death occurs?
Call Autumn Funeral, Cremation & Burial.  We can guide you.